< Whitney Meridith still predicts that the house price would go down another 50%.> Please don't listen to them;
GS analyst predict the Oil will go up to 200 when it's 147 and ask their clients to buy, buy, buy; GS analyst also predict the oild will go bleow 20$ when it's 33 and suggest their clients to sell, sell, sell; very funny, so far if I do short term trading, I only pick those ones that most analysts say that you should sell them; the point is very simple; they are not working for you to make you earn money and happy; they work for their big boss to pay them cheque and make themself happy; so , they just can't tell you the truth ; On the oppsite said, I see in next few years, it will be US real eastate era again; my own point of view, the housing bottom already passed (in US) ; you will not regret if you hold some of the valuable US real-estate stocks for next few years; some of them will up 3 to 5 times easily; don't agree with me; ok with that; at least you should know the US real-estate already down that many years; your chance to do long and win should better than do short; too, please pay attention to the Natural Gas, if select the right stocks relate to it; 100% in next 9 to 12 months almost certain; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-9-13