similar; also good; only concerns that gas.to a little bit more times droped than UNG at the same period when natural gas down ~5.3 times

samqyang (Kingkong)
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GAS.TO last high was 32.35 $ sharply at 19 Jun, 2008
and so far worst was 3.82 $ sharply at 3 Sep, 2009
that is 32.35/3.82 ~= 8.46 times;

whereas UNG last high was ~ 63.15 $ at 19 Jun, 2008
and so far worst was 8.94$ sharply at 3 Sep, 2009
that is 63.15/8.94 ~= 7.06 times;

whereas, same period Natural Gas price down from 13.7 last July to recently worst 2.64 (may off a liitle bit, let me know if you can get the recent worst price of it)
and that is 13.7/2.64 ~ 5.2 times;

means though both UNG, GAS.TO claims follow the NG price but both steal money from you and me;

UNG is a littlle bit better than GAS.TO in terms of long time holding;
anyway, they are similar, reduce risk wise, hold them both should be a better idea;

plus, I didn't calculate the currency difference at these two peak and low, that may explain why GAS.TO down 8.46 times but UNG only down 7.06 times;

conclusion, in next 9 to 10 monthes, both of them go up 70% to 120% from thier so far low should be a fact from what I can see;

just my own 2 cents, your money your decision;
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