no offense; can you please just hold about another year; most likely, you will be successful then at least may return all you lost here;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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1) unfortunately, if you said you holding this CMZ already ~one year; that matches to the peak natural gas price around 19 Jun, 2008 at 13.7 $/ and down to recent low 2.62$/U;
it matches to this CMZ last year's high around same peiod and after that down;
not only due to natural gas down, but too with this global crsis;

2) from historical point of view; this stock at today's (09/18/2009) close ~1.32 $, you don't have too much risk even if you buy it next mondy; you can't say that I bought at historical peak price;
the chance of winning just huge;

3) technical chart analys, it excellent to me, especially in short term; just up left the flat platform that is ~1.00$ for last for month; and only up 30% so far from that platform; in US market, buying a stock on up trend is way safer than guessing the bottom and collect a stock in down trend;

it can go down from ~10 $ to worst 42 cents, that is 20 times; and it only bounced so far 3 times; go up another few times should not considered as crazy;

anyway, a stock at ~1 $, from any point of view, as long as it survives, it will be historical bottom to me;

afterall, you may already lost 90% for last year, why don't hold it use this 10% but may get you a 100% back opportunity;

to me, this stock is buy and hold one; see you a year later;

just my own 2 cents, your money your decision;
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