PRGN looks interesting until I noticed their outstanding shares at 43.14M. That is almost double as many as 2 years ago. So, everything is priced in at the current price.

ffree (aleverage)
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Another one I have been following is DHT. I thought $4 is an entry point until Bank of America just downgraded that stock and had a $3 price target. Personally, I think there is a better opportunity later the year or next year for these shipping companies. If you are following the Baltic Dry index closely, you know the trend is going down.

Talking about cheap, everything is relative here. That is why MM rather chases AAPL at $184. Are they missing anything?

Regarding your REIT stocks, I am long with BPO even though I think it is fully valued at $12.40. The reason is it is relatively safe and if you compare the charts of BPO and other REIT stocks, they tend to trade closely. This might contradict with the views of our good friend, our residential stock strategist, Sam. I have a hard time to understand his picks of MPG and BEE. I think they are one step closing to Bankruptcy. If you believed in Miracle, you might have bought Nortel at $2. Looked at what happened now...

Sorry to be a pessimist but at least I still stay solvent.
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2009-9-20 -04:00
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