don't mention that; logn term wise (at least 1 to 2 years that I call it long term) , BAC, MFC, BA should be fine; see details inside;

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but don't put everything all in financial basket; Real Estate, commodity will shine in next few years; and Natural Gas next year should be great as well;

split your invest not only in different hot sections, but also split them into a few major players in the same section will be a better idea; in that case you can best minimize the individual stock risk;

so far I am holding below ~15 stocks from below list; and the 5 times guys (my #2 list below) are best performers in terms of balance of risk and gain;
they are at 3-5 $, off the risk of the immediate bankrupt risk and has lots room to go up;

some of them short term gamble with bigger risk but pay back may high; and some of them with low risk worth a few years holding; you can see my risk mark below;

long term investor never gamble on a fix timing, you might want at least keep 1/3 cash due to that many people expecting a pull back, it may or may not come soon, but will come finally;
and after that US stock market will go a few years bull; you can buy some now and hold it; then if pull-back happens, wait at least a few months then pick up next entry point;

1) Below may go up to 10 times in next few years (very high risk, please be alert, you are on your own to play with them, may wipe off due to bankcrupt) :

2) below may go up to > 5 times in next few years: (high risk but not extermely high risk)
PLD, PEI, DDR, KRG, FR, NCT (group R.E.I.T, US Real Estate Investment Trust)
NG, HL (Gold, mining)
NCS (building material)
YRCW, PRGN, DRYS (shipping service, e.g truck, ship etc)
BZH, HOV(real estate)
PMI, MBI, RF (Finance)

3) below may go up to > 3 times in next few years (middle low risk):
AA, CENX, X (group commodity)

4) below may go up to > 2 times (very low risk)
BA, MFC, MS, WFC, AXP, yahoo,
or any one in index of S&P, or Dow 30 index

please make mind on which onee you want to go, want quick money and can tolerate high risk then go those high risk ones, want slow money buy safty first then go low risk ones;
your money your decision;
this and next year will be the easist year in your life to find a stock that can grow 10 times in 3 years;
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