personal opinion rule #2 in the market, don't listen to any so called analysts; e.g. from GS, CIBC etc; due to they have interest conflict with us; paid by their boss which is MM who control the market, media and always screw individuals like us;

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sorry my rule #1 is : never toutch H**.TO series ETFs; they go down way fast then they go up, usually excellent for DT and short but not for long term holding;

a concrete sample; if you paid attention last few weeks, Ford (F) got upgraded by some rating companys, and lots of <analysts> from big corporations change it from Hold to Buy, and saying it great, worth holding bla, bla, bla ...

I think it differently; I see a stock first by its industrial potentials; I may miss Ford (F) if it go up 3 times, but I will never even thinking of buying and holding it long term; below is why:

1) US Auto industry is a completely loser in this crsis for whatever reason; Greedy Union, bla, bla, bla ... I don't care, they don't have great products then they don't have hope
2) though GM gone, but nobody said all the market will be left for Ford (F) , they are so many other good competitiers like Honda, Nissian, etc; you have to buy winner in order to win in the stock market

but anyway, those analyst still encourage people to buy and hold it; analyst speaks for the money which their boss (MM) paid to them but not speaks for the truth;

BTW, Stock Ford (F) is going down steadly and firmly right after those analyst give it a buy signal to common people;
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