please think 3 times if you like play with HNU.TO; especially if you are not very comfortable on DT or short; we may right eventiually on Natural Gas trend but I am not sure even that whether you can make money on HNU.to if you hold it long term;

samqyang (Kingkong)
so many previous posts discussed this HNU.TO; don't want to further analyize it; but tons of people lose tons of money on it; due to this ETF completely not follow the natural gas price it claimed 2x especially on long term;

it's good if you dare and excellent on DT or swing trading, but doomed if long term hold it; worse than buy lottery 649;

just my own 2 cents,

any below gas stocks/ETFs will do way better than HNU.to

1X etfs: gas.to , UNG (low risk)
stocks: DPTR, WRES, KAZ, CMZ (high risk with possible high pay back)
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