Hi, 瓦盆洗手888, don't you think now play with HND.to is like 6 months ago when crude oil at 40$/barell playing HOD.to; I mean if big picture wise we against the trend , we may doomed to lose;

samqyang (Kingkong)
Imaging, if I do long last year when Oil at ~150 and do short this year when Oil at 35$;

now, Natural GAS at almost 7 years low, the possibiltiy of doing short to win at this point;
just can't compare to the possibility of doing long to win at this moment;

last 15 months already proved that each time you do long on Natural Gas you will eventiually lose money; and from now on, most likely within next 9 to 12 months, each time you do short on Natural Gas, you may lose money;

if we hold UNG, GAS.TO last 2 weeks, already 20% proved; regardless the index down or up, I still think NG will up steadly (though a short term pull back may happen) ;

even do HNU.TO is safer than do HND.TO; I mean big picture possibility wise (taken into account Natural Gas at almost 7 years low ) ;

just my own 2 cents, YMYD;
2009-9-25 -04:00
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