Good, fully support you Apple2004; back to 15 years ago, I have a friend in ShangHai stock exchange, he is a MM, at least on a single stock; he message me each time before the stock go up; but I still end up lose money;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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at 12/16/1996, the market pull-down, I lost 1/5 of my money in 2 days;
if I follow my buddy's each message I should avoid that; but I didn't; the same strategy on one person he may make money, but on someone else, he may lose a lot;

why, the only thing against ourself is ourself; in stock market, the only way you can win money is your own way; sometime the operation looks stupid to other people but if you get use to it, you may gain by doing it;

finally, after that many years past, I still lose money sometime and gain some in other times;
lots lessions learned, but the most important one is, at certain point you have to trust yourself and do it in your own way; otherwise, you can't do stock, due to just too many voices, information at any given point, you has to have the skill/ability at least to know which one to follow and execute without hesitate;
when at profit, action is easier to take, but when at loss, it extermely difficult;

otherwise, you will always panic, fear and doing the wrong thing even if you have the best strategy or advice from any top gun here;

doing the stock is same as doing the people; make ourself close to the right attitude will put us closer to the success;

Apple2004, sincerely like your post here; we, as myself can admit i did something wrong then I can grow and do it closer to right next time;

Nobody can be always right, and in stock market 75% of rightness if on one person is more than enough to secure that person's gain;
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2009-9-26 -04:00
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