Ding; fully support allstar09; his recommendations are good to me; DRYS, very nice one in my long term portfolio got from him, just be patient; <职业一点> de investor like yourself should know how important the patience means to invest;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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if you have better idea, please share;
Noboby can always be right, otherwise, he would not need to be here anymore; including myself, yourself;

so team up, rather than this kind of post that do no good to anybody;
btw, you didn' t pay him anything, he don't have any obligations to guarantee your win; (even paid FA, they never say they can ensure your win either, and always they will screw us, due to their pay is from their boss, not you and me directly)

I come here for the ideas, 3 is always better than 1;

and stock market is really not a place that you can make a deal when you get 100% possibility confirmed;

are you sure you know TA, FA 100%?
are sure you know 宏观经济 100%?
are sure you know 货币和财政 100%
are sure you know 全球贸易 100%
are sure you can know 这个公司现金还有多少?
are sure you can say it 能撑多久?

sorry, I am not sure on any one of above, but with team's help from this forum, I still get pretty good profit in last half year, including buying this DRYS into my long term protfolio;

in order to make money in stock market , not only rely on how smart and knowledgable you are, but also rely on what is your people skill, your life attitude;
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2009-9-29 -04:00
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