谢谢容儿; Ding; don't fully rely on TA 100% ; personal idea don't think 1016.48 ~ 1018.67 is that important, it may broken very easily in next few days;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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it's people (including myself or most of the folks in the forum, no offense, regardless how hard we try, considering the capital power we have, we are shrimps at most if not fish worm, plus the real market maker (MM), they considered as sharks in this market, and always true, most sharks eat majority of the fishes, shrimps like us)

People's psychological common status decide the market move;
after that many months of fake (I call fake, meaning manipulation) news by those wall streets MMs (the job claims reduced last week bla bla ... the economics shrink at less pace bla bla ... )just so many times already too bored to believe it,

unless the real numbers out on economics or job market (I mean the firm decrease of overall employment rate or confirmed growth on the fundamentals side), now everything is just a short term fake push up (and it will back to where the current fundamentals can support it) , the pull-back is very reasonable and is happening now;

and I believe the pull-back just started, we will see the not good looking chart to come in next few months, I call it the <psychological fatigue normal pull-back >;

US stock market is the best place that you can see it almost never follow the so called TA chart, only those TAs each time adjust their wave theory and try to explain what has already happened;
and they always can comfort people and find a chart or theory that can match what happened;

I see Chart is in people's heart, not in the stock market at all;
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