我用TD水房的RRSP和TFSA帐户,只能加元,但他们有一个很好的服务叫WASH,就是你买了美股后(可趁油价高加元贵的时候买),但一段世间后(任何时间)如果你卖了所持美股,但不想换回加元,可于当天或卖出3天内打TD,让他们做个WASH,亦即把你卖得的美元买成美元Money Market;

samqyang (Kingkong)
very safe, I am using is now;
TD waterhouse has a service called TD wash (they have mandrine service)

for your RRSP or TFSA (Tax Free Saveing Account) , due they only CAD account, once first time you buy US stock, when next time sell, you can call them do a <WASH> to hold your USD (do not exchange back)

and next time, when you buy some other USD stock, call them to wash out your USD money market , directly buy use USD $ amont, you can do that forever;

so you can use RRSP or TFSA account to buy US stock (USD $) constantly without losing any exchange
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