You might want to seriously take into consider of R.E.I.T section; start from : PLD, DDR, PEI, FR, KRG, GRT, ABR, BEE, MPG, AHR ; those very stable up seems a pack of slow bull in next few years, plus all of them are 1/4to1/10 their 5 year high;

samqyang (Kingkong)
R.E.I.T stands for Real Estate Investment Trust;

I watch them (too hold some for last few months), they are really stable and nice pay back so far;

PLD, DDR, PEI big/heavy weight, not for short term gamble;
FR, KRG, GRT, middle price in the pack, pretty stable up
ABR, BEE, MPG, AHR, the smallest in the pack, but very active; with great short term gable potentials, (even in long term, I like them some how)
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