thank 瓦盆, I only Day trade once a while(when I am home), I know you are very good at trading ETF, I was wondering why don't you trade futures? like EMINIDOW?

mario (mario)
RBC doesn't have EMINIDOW, I hate to buy DOG to short DOW, do you have any idea about where I can have EMINIDOW and the product to short TSX?
IF you don't mind this time, I take the whole advantange of your knowledge, what company's(or broker) charts you use for trading?, I use freestockcharts.com for US stock, but TSX's are 15 minutets delayed, so I use TD waterhouse's chart, that's not stream data, very annoying, freestockcharts have another problem for me, The Stochastic is not calculate right!

Read a book only take few hours, but you might learn something you can't got from somewhere else. two books from "Marcel link": 1,High probability trading, I find the author have some good idea how to use stochastic, 2 Trading without gambling, help you to plan your trading.This two books you can place hold from library.

If you have good books, recommending for me will be greatly appriciated!
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