I cannot predict the market, but I can prepare for the market.

xz2029 (Jenny)
I cannot time the market, but I can decide WHEN I get ready to be IN the market. Before you choose a sepcific investment product, DO consider if it's good for YOUR own plan in short term, mid term and long term. Things always change, I cannot guarantee anything. Ican hardly control or know exactly what will happen tomorrow. But planning before taking action. Setting your goal and keeping discipline. Make an investment policy on your own needs, not just following others' information, which might not fit you at all. Know how to pick the right information that is right for you. Just like you go to see the doctor, you get the right prescription that can solve your problems. You will NOT buy the same medicines as others ONLY because their sympton looks like yours, without knowing what their disease really is.

There are lots to say, really. 说了等于没说。
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