It will either go to the heaven or the hell. I choose to stay away.

wang-lao-wu (钻石王老五)
There are a lot of ways to make money. I can make bets on NYX, TM, FXI, OIH, CHL, AAPL, RIMM, AMGN ....using option spreads to make money steadly. Even I am wrong in judging stock's movement, I can still win small or brek even. Of course, I cannot double or triple my money within one day.

Here are my two cents. If FDA approves Provemenge, DNDN may evenutaully go to $40-45, you guys have enough time to chase it; If FDA does not approve it and ask more infomation, it will go back to $5-7. Because of high volatility, you have no way to play stradle or strangle. Any play on this, if wrong, it will bring big loss. I conceived some option spreads, but I throw them away because I think there is no way to save the trade if I am wrong.

Of course, doubling our money within a few days is very tempting. I hope you guys control your trading size on DNDN.

Happy Trading
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