抄书 "Zen in the markets"

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----Which Horse Are You?
Let's say that there are four kinds of horses: excellent ones,good ones, poor ones, and bad ones.

Before it sees the shadow of the whip the best horse runs slow and fast, left and right,at the jockey's will.
Just before the whip touches its skin,the second best will run as well as the first one. The third one runs
when it feels pain on its body. the fourth one will run only after the pain touches the marrow of it sbones.

What does it take for you to become the first horse?

----Who is RIght?

One windy day two monks were arguing about a flapping banner across the shore.

The first said,"I say the banner is moving,not the wind."
The second said,"I say the wind is moving,not the banner."
A third monk passed by and said,"The wind is not moving.The banner is not moving.Your minds are moving."

----How Empty Is Your Cup?

A Zen master had a visitor who wanted to know more about Zen. Instead of listening,the visitor simply
wanted to show off his own ideas as the master was pouring tea.

The master pured tea into the visitor's cup until it was full and then kept pouring.
Finally the visitor could not restrain himself. "Dont you see that my cup is full?"
he asked. "You can't get any more in."

"You are right," said the master. And he stopped.
"And like this cup of tea, you are fuilled with your own ideas. How can you expect me to give you
Zen unless you offer me an empty cup?"

---- Just Do It

A new monk came up to the master Joshu. " I have just entered the fellowship,and I am anxious to
learn the first principle of Zen," he said. "Will you please tell it to me? "

Joshu said, "Have you already eaten your supper?"
The novice answered, "I have eaten"

Joshu said, "Now wash your bowl."
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