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Profitunity entry setups

Food for Thought:

1. Before Trading Chaos II, we were taught to look for a quiet Alligator--extended balance lines relatively flat (the flatter the better)--and AO and AC values on or near their zero lines. This setup was designed to catch fractal breakouts. We judged the quality of that setup signal by how long a market looked like this. We usually got whipsawed more than we wanted, but it was in what Williams called "the low rent district" (small losses).

2. Trading Chaos II teaches a significantly different setup. We are now looking for a major bottom or top--the Alligator is in full pursuit of bulls or bears, AO and probably AC are supporting the Alligator's direction, and a new extreme price candle is divergent with a strong angleulation. This setup is designed to catch key reversals in a market.

3. Remember, the 3 Wise Men strategy gets us into a countertrend trade. It is essential that there be a high probability of a market reversal. You may want to use additional indicators that the current trend direction is exhausted. For my own Profitunity trading, I require that the new low be lower than the two previous fractal lows, and that the new high be higher than the two previous fractal highs. In addition, I usually will require that the current trend extreme be at least a 62% retracement of the previous swing in the opposite direction (I am more comfortable when the retracement exceeds 76.4%).
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