(this post as a mark 23 July, 2009) my 2 cents; feels right now shoud be the time to hold something and wait it rocket up;
Just my own 2 cents , S&P will hit ~1200 points in next 6 months or so (now is 976) and mainly focus on below stock sections: Commodities (popular Metals like Copper, Aluminum (AA, AWC) steel (X), etc) US Real Estates (LEN, KBH, PHM, ARE, HCP, URE (2x ETF if you dare)) Just my own opinion, take your own risk; hold it (split your invest and do not gamble on 1 or 2 stocks only) I would do; given 50K cash 20K split on top 5 real estate stocks 20K on top 5 commodities 10 K as free cash for backup; I am now holding AA , KBH, LEN, PHM, X bought around 2 weeks ago; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-7-23