not sure why so many folks loves day trade or very short term buy/sell operations; how many of you can even beat the index percent from last 4 months;
due to US market is so violent that designed to kill the short-term guys; (it's either open with a big gap up or big gap down, you lose the most delirious part when the market rocket up and you will burned usually by the big drop ) you bet right today for a few percent or even 10% grow, then tomorrow lose another 8% or even more; Eventually the S&P and DOW will go back to its previous points but you may gain very little from those frequent trades; from it's Mar 9th 0.44 to today's 2.94 (23 July) close, almost 700% , how many of us even doubled your money in that period; most of us are exactly make ourself in the trap of the big captial ( or market manipulators) 6 months later, when S&P go above 1200 points, tell me how much you earned from now on by doing these many trades; good day trader not only need the excellent telent and strategy, too the platform is also crutial, most of us don't have that kind of platform to beat with the big captial or fund manager; so, most of us doomed to lose in these day trade battles; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-7-23