Frankly speaking, I don't think you have the right to complain, others call just information sharing, you won't make money until you have you own way to trading.

mario (mario)
trader like scottee(笑熬浆糊); -gszy(灌水888); kiss888(高卖);-jim366(金); .....are not only excellent trader.they are also have very good personality, share informations and opinions without any charges, tell you stop and target, sometimes even tell his holdings, even say sorry if it's a bad call. what more you expect? have the free lunch and say it taste bad?
Frankly speaking, I don't benefit from their call, because I am not a trader. I have full time job and just learn to invest like a trader. In my opinion, you won't make money until you have you own trading method, money management rules and displine.
I reply because I don't want some good trader disappear from this forum because people put the resposibility of loss on their head. for me, typing English is hard, typing Chinese is impossible. take the resposibility of your own loss, and wake up! good luck!
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