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’Tis the season to be jolly. In the kitchen, Nancy was busy preparing dinner. A big glistening turkey was all bundled up perching on a super size roasting pan. Lillian checked once again the table in the living room. Their mom’s favorite Christmas china was all set on the table.

Their mom died five years ago. But every Christmas when Lillian set the table, she would remember her. As if she was still in the room reminding Lillian again and again to be careful with the china. After their mom died to be with their father who died years ago, Nancy moved back to the house with her husband Matthew. It was in this house, David and Joshua were born and Lillian found a new home. For five years, Nancy had become a big sister and a mother to her.

Nancy had already begun to carve the turkey. She removed all stuffing of apple and mushroom on one plate. Just like their mom usually did, she gently arranged the meat in the shape of a turkey on a plate. There was cranberry sauce too, their family’s tradition of cranberry sauce with turkey for Christmas dinner.

Everything was ready. Lillian helped Nancy moved all dishes onto the table and called Matthew and the boys. They hustled up from the basement. David the big brother tried to lift Joshua, but he couldn’t. Joshua twisted reluctantly in his arms. Matthew lifted them up and settled them in their seats.

A loving father, husband and a big brother, Matthew was always someone you could trust. He was always cheerful, a we-shall-catch-larks-if-the-sky-falls type of person. Whenever somebody in the family was in dismay, he would have his way to cheer him or her up.

Passing the dishes around, Nancy turned to tend two boys. They were already impatient to wait for their turkey dinner.

“ To my sister, my brother, two angels. I love you all. Merry Christmas.” Lillian said.
“ I love you, Lillian. I wish you have a wonderful new year. And will meet a Mr. Right one day” Nancy smiled at Lillian.
“ And to my dear husband, Merry Christmas.”
“ And my boys, I love you.” She turned and gave each boy a big kiss.

The flames of fire were roaring in the fireplace. At one corner of the living room stood a Christmas tree, under which lying boxes of gifts. The colored light twinkled on the tree and around the window. The boys were giggling around the table. A smile lit Lillian’s face and glowed like the flame of the fire.

People usually said a Christmas wish under the star would come true sooner or later. Lillian made a wish toward the window and hoped it would come true one day.
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2004-3-17 -04:00
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