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    • Interested in Accounting job in Mississauga Interested in Accounting job in Mississauga +1
      Hello April,

      I'm new to the rolia website, and don't have the privilege to send the private message yet. I am writing to express my interest to Accounting job in Mississauga. My experience in auditing, taxation, customer service, the eager to become a CPA, and the additional skills that I have obtained will make me an asset to the team.

      I graduated from University of Guelph with a degree in Accounting last year, got almost one year working experience in Ernst & Young as an auditor in China Dalian, and several months working experience in Toronto Trinity Financial Company as a tax preparer.

      I am very interested in an opportunity and would enjoy meeting you to discuss possible positions. I’m legal to work as a full - time employee in Canada with any employers. I believe that my previous experiences will make me an asset to the company.

      Looking forward for your reply.


      email: chaitianyi@outlook.com
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      • 请问一下,还可以申请吗? +1
        • 可以. +1
    • 还有吗?求PM,谢谢
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    • It’s AR & AP