HVAC Designer - 工程咨询公司,注册工程师指导下工作, 请直接发简历, 薪资按经验面议。
申请人请发resume: admin@frontop.ca Engineering consultant firm is seeking a 1 or 2 years hvac design experience with buildings, and requires designer to complete design work independently with minimal supervision. The Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to the following: Prepare and draft drawings for Hvac, plumbing, and fire protection based on architectural and structural layout for commercial, industrial, educational and residential buildings. Layout fire alarm and sprinkler head distribution as per building code and NFPA13 standard. Knowledge of all kinds of hvac equipment and system, including AHU, RTU, Heat pump, Fancoil, Make-up unit, and VAVs. Have ability to select equipment for building applications. Knowledge of HOT2000 and canQUEST for space energy analysis and energy performance evaluation. Knowledge of Ontario building code; Knowledge of ASHRAE, SMACNA, Fire code, and NFPA13 for fire sprinkler design. Communication skills with clients and possibly go to job site for mark-up and inspections. Basic AutoCAD drafting skills. Knowledge of Revit is an asset. Other work assigned by Engineer or managers. Soft skills including ability to communicate and work well with architectures, clients and contractors; Excellent time management skills; Ability to work under pressure; Analytical, thorough, resourceful and detail-oriented; Team and customer service-focused; Self-motivated, hardworking, flexible. Education Diploma in Engineering Technology (Systems) or Engineering Degree with Mechanical Systems This position is toward to mechanical designer and professional engineers (P.Eng.) for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection in residential (including condos), commercial and industrial building applications. -fycollege(fycollege) 2019-4-8
HVAC Designer - 工程咨询公司,注册工程师指导下工作, 请直接发简历, 薪资按经验面议。
话说 1-2 年经验掌握要求的这些,自己怎么也得是 P. Eng了吧。还要什么 towards P.Eng 呢?
-troyd(...) 2019-4-8
-fycollege(fycollege) 2019-4-9
请问作过家用中央空调设计,会用AutoCAD和REVIT MEP但没有防火设计经验的可以吗?
-liaison01(红桃A) 2019-4-13