Coop for Engineering Students 3 - 6 months
We are a small fast growing company located in Markham. The company has a number of projects with Federal Government, Municipal Governments, and mining companies within Ontario. At present we have openings for coop students involving a various projects. You must have – 1. High academic performance in university. 2. Be passionate to learn new technologies. 3. Be able to apply what you learned from school to real projects. 4. Well organized with multiple-tasking skills. 5. Very good communication skills as we have frequent meetings with governments and government agents. 6. Be flexible to travel between Toronto/Ottawa and other cities in Ontario. G driver licence preferred. 7. Sometimes Security Clearance needed upon Federal Government request. What you can get from coop opportunity – 1. Real engineering experience with experienced P.ENG and engineering professionals. 2. Rare chance to learn electronical system study. 3. Build your path in engineering industry. For those who are interested in this coop, please send your resume to: or Qualified students will be contacted soon. -pngtor(torpng) 2019-11-16
Coop for Engineering Students 3 - 6 months
-snoopyz(snoopy) 2019-12-5
Yes. Please email. We are in business travel. Will contact once back.
-pngtor(torpng) 2019-12-5
Thank you so much! Will send email.
-snoopyz(snoopy) 2019-12-6