Lots of RN positions in US
I have lots of RN positions in our Hospital (Houston), would you like come to US to work? Everything (house, food and vehicle and so on) is cheaper than in Canada, I've been working in Houston for over 4 years and really enjoying working/living here. Let me know, I can provide you the details. PM me! -zlxu008(Big Boy) 2017-7-12
-zlxu008(Big Boy) 2017-7-13
有 Radiation Therapist职位吗?
您能帮忙留意,推荐 Radiation Therapist 的职位吗?朋友有安省和美国的证书,却找不到工作的机会。推荐成功可以是有一定补偿的。谢谢! -gz871(wxy) 2017-7-16
Let me check the available positions then reply to you.
-zlxu008(Big Boy) 2017-7-17