Need to travel to Boston head office for training next month, I'm not vaccinated, wonder if vaccination is still required to enter the U.S by flight? Thanks!
-metaworld(metaverse) 2022-10-19
Unfortunately it's still required. :(
-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2022-10-19
just checked driving across border, proof of vaccination is still in effect for non-U.S citizen
-metaworld(metaverse) 2022-10-19
quite surprised 😮
-retirecat(总有刁民想害朕) 2022-10-19
Vaccination is still mandatory for entry to the USA,
however, practically nobody cares. I have traveled to the US more than 10 times in the last three months, no one ever asked my proof of vaccination, I once even challenged the customs officer and insisted on showing my proof, guess what? he ignored me. It is possible the airline staff may ask for your proof when you check in through the counter, I usually check in via KIOSK and have no check in luggage, thus never interacting with an airline staff. -wind_det(Wind_det) 2022-10-19
It is but border may or may not ask. I travelled twice unvaxxed through land border.
-headbig(Let's Rock!) 2022-10-19
I got conflict information from this site... can't guarantee which is correct... but Google says it's still in effect...
-metaworld(metaverse) 2022-10-19
-blueskygg(Grass) 2022-10-19