web designer needed.
We are looking for a Web Designer. Required skills: Photoshop, HTML, ASP, SQL. Salary $2000/month. Start Date: August 1. If intersted, email resume to: resumeweb388@yahoo.ca. -webjob(webjob) 2002-7-23
$2000/month ~ $11/hour 几乎是 General Labour
-wooway(纯洁中文运动<加东区>) 2002-7-23
我现在做web design可只拿8。5 一小时。//sigh
-stills(阿紫猫) 2002-7-25
another typical resume collector!
-fishslice(绝望生鱼片) 2002-7-24
If you don't know the true, do not make a judgement.
-webjob(webjob) 2002-7-25
sure, but I happen to know it.
-fishslice(绝望生鱼片) 2002-7-25
可以pay cash吗?
-spaceman(人在江湖) 2002-7-25
is this positon still open?
-ocean(Ocean) 2002-7-30