Unix System Programmer Opportunity
Company: Infoacer Corp. Location: Waterloo, Ontario Role: Unix System Programmer Responsibility: build automatic logon system to simplify our business operation on Solaris and Linux systems Required Skills and Experience: * 5+ years C++ and Unix Shell programming experience on Solaris and Linux * 3+ years XWindow programming experience * 3+ years Java experience, including JSP, GUI * In-depth knowledge on Unix system kernal * Solid understanding on security programming * Strong skill on database administration and programming, esp. with Oracle and Sybase Position Type: 2 month contract, high possibility to transfer to a permenent position Contact Person: Fred Please send your email to R&DResume@infoacer.com -elantra(热干面+面窝) 2002-9-5
Unix System Programmer Opportunity
Wuhanese ?
-win(秋天的菠菜) 2002-9-5
hand. wuhan guy! ^_*
-henhen(哼哼~~,找工ing~~~~) 2002-9-5
My GOD! I have never seen a guy with all the skills mentioned. Even there is one, probably it is employer looking for him/her than he/she looking for a job. Why company is always so perfectism??
-nande(强 ®) 2002-9-6
-dididing(你无处可逃了!) 2002-9-6
-bugkiller(bugkiller) 2002-9-10
-bugkiller(bugkiller) 2002-9-10