In movie vs in real life


Getting knocked out with a blow to the head.

Movies: like waking up from a nap.

Real life: pain, headache, problems for months if not years.


High school


Sleeping in the tall grass. I'm sure you've seen the memes but in reality, those fields would be infested with bugs and they'd more than likely bite you




“Nightclubs, in the movies. It looks cool. You meet friends there, instead of grumpy strangers, and you have fun group interactions.”



CPR. on TV it's just a fun cutesy little water coughing thing that you recover from immediately and in real life it involves breaking ribs and maybe dying anyway


A feature-length romantic drama filled with conflict and angst that, in real life, could've been resolved with 5 minutes of discussion and a phone call.


Hanging off a cliff with one hand, attempting to pull yourself up.....while someone else is hanging on you also


Digging a hole. Cartoons make it look so easy and quick. In reality hours of back-breaking work will get you six inches down.


Shooting a gun indoors with no ear protection


Elaborate pranks. Great for comedies…and also great way to f**k up relationships.


Carrying and drinking hard liquor out of a flask. In movies, it looks kind of normal but in real life, you just look like an alcoholic.


Montages where they’re working hard, especially if it’s a “glow-up” thing full of exercise and dieting and self-improvement. In reality it kinda sucks. There’s no fast-forward, no silly music.


Stalking women.

I mean, surprise elaborate romantic gestures from a complete stranger.

(She just calls it "stalking" because she doesn't know me and can't see how romantic and handsome and awesome I am in my head.)


Kissing while treading water. Good luck not kicking each other, knocking heads, or getting a mouthful of snot.


When superheroes moving at a very very high rate of speed rescue people just in time when in reality if they did that they would probably break the persons back and neck and various other bones and give them brain damage or a concussion from they brain hitting the inside of their skull or just flat out kill them from moving them so quickly from a dead stop.


Military movies where there is always action happening. Really? Really Hollywood? Are you sure people don't sit around 95% of the time doing nothing?


Owning an artisan bakery / coffee shop.


Hanging up on people. In movies, it makes you look badass and mysterious. In real life, it makes you look like an inconsiderate a*****e and will prompt a "wtf happenned" callback.


Fighting. Srsly, don’t do it. I have six felony charges and can not do anything that I wanted to do in younger years. No one likes an aggressive person. You’re not gonna get any babes, or whatever.


Theme parks!! They don't show that you have to wait over an hour+ for the best ride(s) and how expensive the food cost in there.


My dad was a police officer (with a damn straight moral compass, I *know* what you’re thinking.) and he said that it was pretty much 80% paperwork.


Walking away slowly from a nearby explosion


Moving, painting and fixing up houses/apartments


Fighting on top of a moving train. Always make me think of the Archer episode where he was so excited to fight a guy but soon found out the reality of it really sucks!!


Conversations. Always have the perfect thing to say and everything flows. A lot of convos in movies would be considered very abnormal in real life if you really picture it.


A vacation with little kids.


Spontaneously breaking into song in the middle of public.


Smashing a window with your fist


A few people have said fighting, but I feel like it should be specified that *winning* a fight is not a fun experience irl. Most people in actual serious fights aren't gonna have some kind of plot-relevant, narratively satisfying thing on their mind that makes the inevitable bruises/fractures feel like they were worth it for the sake of justice or something, and not just more avoidable suffering that you wish you could've stayed home for instead.


Hacking and software development in general. God I wish it was actually as badass as people make it out to be.

-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2022-9-22
In movie vs in real life