How many of your kids do exchange programs in universities in another country?
-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2019-1-2
My kids don't, but I really wish they had the opportunities.
-april(april) 2019-1-4
Seems many universities have such programs. But not all students are interested in that.
-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2019-1-4
Well,at least the programs my kids are in do not offer such opportunities.
-april(april) 2019-1-4
非常好啊。 我儿子去了清华一年做交换生
-ahh134(LoveBarbie) 2019-2-26
Was he able to understand lectures in Chinese? Or they were in English?
-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2019-2-26
my son speaks Chinese, not reading/writing. Qing Hua has a lot courses in english. no worries.
-ahh134(LoveBarbie) 2019-2-27