Performer/Act Registration for 2020 Rolia Gala

The annual Rolia Gala is the only stage performance event being completely prepared by volunteers in the Greater Toronto Area, or even in Ontario.  Since early 2000's, Rolia Gala has become a major festival of the Chinese community, made happened by the contribution of every ordinary member of the community, through volunteering in performing and supporting work, and through participation by attending.

Presented by the non-profit organization of Rolia Cultural Association (RCA), the 2020 Rolia Gala will take place in Flato Markham Theatre for Performing Arts on Saturday, January 18, 2020.  There will be an afternoon show and an evening show.

We are inviting you to join us!

Every act performed at Rolia Galas is prepared by participants.  There is no limitation on the forms.  Anything suitable for stage performance is welcomed!  If you are going to organize a performing act, or if you already have one, or if you are willing to join one, or if you have a good idea of an act, please sign up!

We are expecting you to be:

  • an enthusiastic and responsible team player;
  • willing to communicate and meet new friends;
  • able to attend rehearsals;
  • available on the day of performance

* RCA will present you a certificate of volunteering to recognize your work in the preparation and performance of the event.