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  • Victoria, BC vs Toronto, ON Victoria, BC vs Toronto, ON
    • ○  Conclusion: GTA is a better place to live, comparing with Victoria, BC.😁
      • ○  Maybe. Except the winter months. To be fair, my observation of the Toronto society was of 10+ years old. Some friends said Toronto is no longer like the one before.
    • ●  Gas prices of today: Toronto: $1.16. Victoria: $1.46.
    • ●  It sounds Victoria is not a good place to live.
      • ○  It's a small city, slow-paced, by the ocean, mostly no snow/ice. For myself these are good things.
        • ○  Then flocks of Chinese will go there for those good things. How is the house price? Let’s say a 1200 square feet bungalow.
          • ○  There're very limited number of Chinese groceries and restaurants. English is a must to live here. Houses are expensive to me. Didn't dare to check the price.
            • ○  It is better than where I live, there is no Chinese grocery store at all.
              • ○  Seems it's no longer mandatory. 😊
    • ●  Interesting!
    • ●  white rock should be less rain right? And they said Kelowna is like California?
      • ○  Not sure about White Rock. Have been to Kelowna in the summer. It was hot (and nice!). 😊 But the winter should be colder than coastal areas.
        • ○  Winter is colder but still better than Toronto. Real problem might be the crime rate
          • ○  Oh? I didn't know the crime part. Kind of sorry to hear that. It's a small but beautiful city.
            • ○  I don’t know how true is it, just learn that by google
              • ○  Interesting... Well, you know, Living there is one thing, being a visitor is a different story.
  • Sea turtles, mommy and babies Sea turtles, mommy and babies
    • ○  So many...
      • ○  They're from only one nest!
    • ●  Glad to see so many baby sea turtles hatch, and glad that no predators are on the beach eating them,Except Sailor 😄
      • ○  Yes, there are many many predators on the beach! Hundreds of vulchers on that beach are pecking the baby turtles. We witnessed one case of attack!
    • ●  hi Sailor, looks like you have a lot of fun, wondering how is the travel rule to go abroad from Canada? got a lot of check at airport?
      • ○  When I left Canada in late January, I didn't see anything different to before. In the news, the federal government is going to force those flying into Canada paying a lot.
  • Sunset on the beach Sunset on the beach
    • ○  👏👏👏🤣
    • ●  XMJDH.
      • ○  Hey, you can buy a resort over there.
        • ○  Might try when I retire:D.
    • ●  Wow,nice!
      • ○  Thanks!
    • ●  I suddenly have an urge ...To jump on sailor and give him a big tackle 😂
      • ○  You know what, the balance is very fragile. 😂
        • ○  And that’s exactly why I had such an urge 😄
          • ○  🤣🤣🤣
    • ●  👍
    • ●  Good job man😉
      • ○  Thanks Flower!