sex in Toronto 1. 俄罗斯milf - EE MPA

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After seeing and reading storis of Chinese ladies hanging out or marrying non-chinese guys, and reading about unflattering and idiosyncratic remarks from them, I felt that I should write something from a different angle, and share some of my personal exploit w/ foreign ladies, paid or unpaid. 也许是吃饱了撑的, Anyhow, hopefully I can continue and make it a series. Personally I find writing is a good way to relax and gratifying to recount my exploitations, lol. All the names have been changed...

1. 俄罗斯milf - EE MPA

I don't usually visit Asian establishments in GTA because MPAs in these places tend to be older, mostly at least mid-30s, sometimes even into 40s. Not much to look but they are quite honed in their skills though, good massage, nice personality (usually bubbly LOL, imagine a 40 years old Chinese lady in a cocktail waitress outfit giggling all the time, yikes..), and generally good finish and good mileage too. Had a few experiences with Asian MPAs, occasinally may come across a gem, but mostly misses than hits. Anyhow, I digress. My fav MPAs are of EE variety, especially the busty, tame and milfy type, with accent too. Always had fun with them. (The SRM and HFH are a different story, which I will write later).

There are quite a few of these EE places on Danforth and Bloor west, I became aware of this particular place through a website. I decided to pay a visit one evening. I called the number on the ad, a sexy russian voice emerged from the other end, couldn't make out of the age, probably at least late 20s, kinda husky, like Rebecca Howe if you know what I mean. "Hallooo", "is this a massga place ?" "yes", "A friend of mine told me this place, how many girls are working there today?" "Two", "hmm, how old are they ?". long silence of a few seconds from the end, "32 and 36". Hmm. I added 5 in my head, 37 and 41, I guess not too bad, still doable. What is the worst, I will just leave if they turn out to 俄罗斯大妈,"okay, can I make an appointment, at 6:30", "okay, see u then..", "do you have parking ? ". "yes, in the back...".

The store front is not discreet at all, but there is only a small sign so it is easy to miss the door, so it is not too bad. Like any other places, the MP is on the second floor of another store. I opened the door, door bells ring, just like in any other MPs. I went up...

此处省略100字 。。。

Long story short, the yonger MPA is probably in her late 20s or early 30s, dirty blond hair about shoulder long, longish oval face, creamy white skin, sleepy big green eyes (bedroom eyes), prominent cheek bones, wide and lumpy lips, the usual EE face. i will give the face an 8. She is about 5'8", 172cm, so almost as tall as me with high heels on. Probably C-cup, not too protuse but nice and firm (which could be man-made, but as I found out later is not the case). A bit, just a bit, extra baggage in the mid-section, but not repulsive though. long legs hidden in a purple silk-like evening gown (As I found out in a short while, that is the only thing she is wearing). I like the most about her is her hips. It is hard to describe, they are prominent but not too excessive. Definitely not like those skinny bums that you found in fashion models. The most accurate description will be a bit on a smaller scale than J-Lo's, definitely a money maker.

I was led into a room down the hall, she smiled and closed door and said, "make yourself comfortable". She definitely speaks fluent English, with strong accent thought, which I find rather exotic. I wonder whether she could tell that I am not a native english speaker. I will say probably not, she probably though I was Canadian born.

I looked around the roorm, this is definitely one of the more appointed places that I have been to, even more posh than SRM or Platinum. Looks like a real resort type of atmosphere, probably they do offer legit services. A very comfortable bed in the middle of the room, covered with white clean towels. Different from some of ther other rub-and-tug places, there is not a hole in the massage bed. Some very elegant lamps in one corner, some cabinets in the other, a mirror on the wall, a night stand with a CD player or boombox on top. There are some cosmetic instruments laying on the table. I say to myself, sh*t, this may be a legit place... but what the hay, at least I will get massged by a sexy milf and maybe at least a happy ending is guaranteed.

I quickly made myself comfortable and laying on the bed. The lady came in, still wearing the same gawn (but maybe have removed her undies before entering, lol). still smiles, asking me to stay for how long. Not sure whether it is a legit place or not, or how much mileage I may get, I told her 30 minutes and turned in $XX.

She walked over and put on some soft jazz. I told her I like medium strength with oil, she started to work on my legs and arms, and back. We made some small talks on sports and weather, turned out she likes baseball and ballet. She is married and her husband works long hours and barely have time to relax, which she hates. She said I must work all the time too since I am so tense just like her husband. Some guys may be turned off by her talking of her hubby, but I found it interesting and abit odd though. After 15 minutes of sensual massage and some teasing in the buttock area, she asked me to turn over which I happily obliged. She took a peek and quickly covered my loin area with the small towel and start to massage my chest. Stopped after a couple of minutes, she stooped over and looked in my eyes, in a low voice and asked me: "we have special services..." JACKPOT, I said to myself. She added, "some of our clients like special kind of oil such as ******". hmm. interesting, playing games I guess or just overly cautious on her side. "thanks, I think I am okay with this oil, do you provide extra VIP services"... She smiled and looked at me understandingly, with an even lower voice, "this,", pointing to her chest, "** dollars", "this, ** dollars", her hand waving across her entire body. "no blowjob, no sex", she added rather emphatically.

I am thinking to ask for body slide, but not sure whether the nude option also inlcude BS. some places do, some don't. I then pointed to her kitty, "can I play with that" ? "20 dollars", she replied rather matter of fact. "how much time do I have left ? ". "about 10 minutes". okay, I went all out... and enjoyed myself.

She quickly removed her gown, and throw it to a chair. I will give her body an 8, not bad at all. She is rather fit and toned, creamy white skin, indeed B cup, a bit small for EE, but firm. small pinkish nipples, I mean really small nipples, probably never had birth. shaved totally downunder. She started to bend over and lay her breasts on top of my chest, I reached over, one hand grabbed her ass and the other start to fonddle her breasts. really firm, I personanly would like a bit fleshy though, but I am not complaining. There is no baby fat on her entire body excep the tummy, I ran my hands through her thigh and hips. I arched my right hand over and slipped between her asses, and reached towards her kitty. As I gently rubbbed my fingers on her labia, I looked at her eyes to see whether she objects. Digits are not always welcomed and allowed, so I had to be carefull here. She seems to be enjoying it or at least motionless. So I ventured inside her, a bit dry and turning wet. She is not loose and spacy at all, as I could stick in my entire index finger and feel the squeeze of her warmth.

She took a break and grabbed a bottle of oil and start to work on Mr. Happy. Her skills were okay, not the best I have seen but still good. Her hands were gentle and worked up and down the shaft, occasionally giving some attention to the sacks. I asked "can I kiss you?", she smiled and replied "no", but added "you don't want to kiss me, I am wearing braces". She opened her mouth, I couldn't really tell but I guess she is wearing invisable braces. maybye next time

After a few minutes, we changed positions. She climed up the bed and I got on the floor and started w/ reverse massaging. now her entire body was wide open and laied out in front of me. I would say she definitely got a attractive body. I don't know how she kept in such a good shape as most EE women quickly lose their figures after they turn 30 or got married lol. She is not tanned, and there is no visiable marks from wearing bras, so perhaps she mostly works out in indoor gyms. She continues stoking my shaft while I caress her breasts and chest. Her nipples are really small, and tastes a bit sweet when sucking on them. All these time she kept her eyes closed and lips half way open, occasionally left out some soft moaning, which is a turn on. I put my hands under her hips and nudged a little inward, she took the cue and moved her body further inside the bed and curled up her legs and left her lower body up. time for some kitty play...

As I mentioned above she is clean shaven, so you can't really tell the color of her body hair. In contrast to other EE women I encountered before, she has a small and delicate pu*, the labia are not prominent at all. She was already wet from my caressing and playing, and by now I could see a stream of mucus leaking out from the cave. I went on and did some digiting with just one finger, and watcher her facial expression. She seems really enjoyed my finger inside her as she continues moaning with slight twisting and biting of her lips. I was tempted to put two fingers inside, but changed my mind. I thought it might be too much for her.

I went on put my mouth on her and did some fine dining on the Y. A lot of Asian MPAs 尤其是大陆的,do not shave down there, so most of asian MPAs have full bushes (except for those yonger ones who work in upscale spas). She tastes rather good, almost tasteless, with a hint of mint, lol. Now I can hear her moaning is getting louder and her body starts twisting and nudging. She is rather enjoying it I can see. She is getting really messy and much fluid is coming out and dripping down. enough daty for the day, I guess. I removed mu mouth, and put two fingers insude her and did some wild motions inside her. Her hips spins and her legs further curled up in all these excitement. I think she is gonna bed me to do her if I continue playing her. I can see she is trying to contain herself, not getting herself to come. Her strokes on my shaft are getting stronger and finally I let a big load off which landed on her tummy. As I grunted in the pleasure of relase, I applied more force to my finger and put more pressure on her upper roof with a sudden twirl. She was overcome with this forceful manuver, and let out a scream which I am sure was heard by the other older lady at the front desk. She was embarassed and started giggling, I chuckled...

Quickly, she cleaned me and herself up with some clean damp and warm towels. I declined shower and asked she to rub the oild off me with clean wet towels, which she did. After quick exchange of pleasentries and financial transactions, I walked out of the door with a wide grin on my face.
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