xiaoxiaochuan (小小)
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人之初   At the beginning of life.
性本善   Sex is good.
性相近   Basically, all the sex are the same.
习相远   But it depends on how the way you do it.
苟不教   If you do not practice all the time.
性乃迁   Sex will leave you..
教之道   The way of learning it
贵以专   is very important to make love with only one person.
昔孟母   Once a great mother, Mrs Meng
择邻处   chose her neighbour to avoid bad sex influence.
子不学   If you don't study hard,
断机杼   Your Dick will become useless.
窦燕山   Dou, the Famous
有义方   owned a very effective exciting medicine
教五子   All his five sons took it
名俱扬   and their sexual ability were well-known.
养不教   If your children don't know how to do it,
父之过   It is all your fault.
教不严   If they had lots of problems with it,
师之惰   their teacher must be too lazy to tell them details on sex.
子不学   You may refuse to study this
非所宜   but that is a real mistake
幼不学   If you don't learn it in childhood,
老所何   you will lose your ability when aged
玉不琢   If you don't exercise your dick,
不成器   It won't become hard and strong.
人不学   If you don't learn sex,
不知义   You can by no means enjoy its sweetness
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2006-9-18 -04:00
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