I believe that those activists picked a wrong target.

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

The key should be to treat animals fairly, not matter livestock, pets, or wild life. 

Pet stealing is a different issue too.  It's another bad thing in China.  Security and safety are always issues in China, both from my memory and from the news.

Talking about dog meat, it's not only Chinese who do so.  Koreans also like and enjoy dog meat a lot.  It's just a different culture that some westerners don't fully know or understand.

It's not uncommon that certain animals are petted somewhere while they are source of meat somewhere else.  For example, guinea pig is a delicious dish in Ecuador while in Canada you can only get it from pet stores.

Even within Canada, some people pet rabbits, but you can also find rabbits from grocery stores.

2015-6-24 -04:00
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