You Can't Believe What I Saw This Morning

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

This morning when I woke up in Victoria, BC, I saw the strangest kind of sky that I had never seen before.  The sky was orange red!  IT WAS FREAKING ORANGE RED. 

As I just googled “what’s wrong with the Victoria sky this morning?” (This shows how much I depend on google), I got to know that haze was all about those BC wild forest fires.

I heard about the forest fire on and off through the news, but didn’t realize that it would actually affect me by changing the color of the sky.  According to the news on Saturday, there were 66 active fires larger than 10 hectares across BC, and the fire near Kelowna, BC, got as close as 200 m away from some homes.  Unfortunately for the people in that area, the fire affect them by forcing them to evacuate from their properties, approximately one hundred and forty-one properties in all.  Ironically, this fire was likely to be caused by a single person that tossed a cigarette.

I think this summer is the hottest summer ever since I got to Victoria.  Although I know it’s just because of the normal climate cycles, it still makes me wondering about global warming.  The reason for the future human extinction might just be a guy toss a cigarette on a hot post-global warming day on a highway.


2015-7-5 -04:00
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