Things Only Straight-A Students would Understand

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We all know being a straight-A student is not easy, but normal students can’t really understand us.  Here are seven things that only straight A students can understand.

-When we say “I didn’t do well in that test” while getting 87%, we mean it.

Let’s face it, 87% on a test is just not the result a straight-A student wants to see.  We don’t aim for the A, we aim for the 100%.  The higher overall marks we get, the easier it is for them to drop after a test.  In order to keep our current marks, we have to make sure our percentages of the test are at least as high as our current ones. 

-B is just NOT acceptable

It’s a shame for us to have a B.  For us, B is short for “bad”.  All the other letters just do not exist in our world. 

-We don’t work hard, we work VERY hard

We tell people we are not really working hard.  We are not lying.  We work VERY HARD.  Those “A”s do not just come easily.  Staying at school for hours after it’s over, waking up early to finish assignments, reviewing notes while waiting for the bus… we would do these things if we need to.

-We try not to show off

We know showing off aren’t going to help us in anyways.  We don’t want others to feel bad, so we don’t really talk about study with our “normal students” friends.  In class we try not to answer teachers’ questions even though we know exactly how to do them.  We leave the opportunities for other students to figure out on their own.  We would only answer questions to not let the teachers feel bad.  We all know that awkward moment when the teacher throws out a question that no one is answering.  We just can’t help to resolve this kind of situations if we are able to.  

-Teachers like us

“Teachers’ pet” or whatever people want to call us.  Teachers just like us and we cannot control that, although we don’t necessary like the teachers.  In fact, we judge the teachers, cruelly.  We would share our judgements among ourselves, and we would laugh at sucky teachers, just like other kids.

-We don’t really know how to enjoy life

We have to admit that most of us don’t know how to properly have fun.  Our lives are not exciting at all.  All the spare time we have usually goes to extra curriculums, leadership activities and trying to keep fit.

-Getting in to a good university with scholarship is our ultimate goals

Well at least is the goal for “after high school”.  Our real goals are just to be normal and have fun in the future, instead of struggling to pay bills every months.

2015-7-10 -04:00
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