The Moonlight Concert July 31st 2015

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Having achieved success in his business and in line with his vision of contributing and sharing part of a business' responsibility to the society, Mr. Xi Yuan Lai, Chairman of the Dream Lotus Culture & Art Foundation, believed that good cultural activities would definitely mould the society's body and soul, hence decided to form a group of outstanding performers, and devoted to the creation and promotion of quality cultural activities.   As such, the Dream Lotus Culture & Art Foundation was formed. It is dedicated to the promotion of music, dance and theater performances etc. The Foundation has only one goal: it hopes to catalyze and advance the creation and performance of different types of cultural arts to enable the world to be better.  Most of the “Songs of Praise” performed are a tribute to the composer, whose inner heart naturally flows out sincere and flawless music which are then condensed into original tunes. Choral, string and woodwind chamber ensemble as well as the symphony orchestra are highly experienced in performing and have toured different parts of Taiwan, from Taipei's National Concert Hall to Kaoshiung's Jhihde Hall, Hong Kong's Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Shanghai's Oriental Art Center. Shenzhen's Concert Hall etc. In recent years, they have even toured faraway places such as Singapore and Canada. In 2014, they performed on the world- renowned Walt Disney Concert Hall in Southern California, United States. It was an exciting performance with the hall at capacity. Even though foreigner friends did not understand Mandarin, yet they found the performance extremely enjoyable. On that day, the Walt Disney Concert Hall's stage director even warmly invited for a repeat performance in future years.  Through pure and wonderful music and emotionally engaged symphonic melodies, each blossoming note moves our heart in ways that beyond words. We wish to share with you an encounter with the sounds of divine. For our friends who have not personally experienced such a wonderful performance e, please do not miss it!


Ticket Info:  http://moonlightconcert.org/#tickets

Website:  http://gebistoronto.org/index.php?route=news/article&ncat=69&news_id=28


2015-7-16 -04:00
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