A women who have been on vacation for three years

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Have you ever considered to go on vacation permanently? Maartje Smit, from the Netherlands, has been on vacation for more than three years, and she is constantly traveling around the world!!

She was a project manager at a software company before she went on her "permanent vacation". When she booked her one way flight ticket three years ago, she didn't think she will be travelling this long either. She hasn't gone home for three years, and there is nothing left from three years ago in her suitcase either.  
People always ask her how she can afford to travel for so long. She told VICE that she had a lot of saving before she left, and she would take on jobs sometime while she was traveling. She also said she was a low budget traveler, a backpacker. However, the most important reason is that she is very good at making friends. She made friends from different countries through, and sometimes she would just crush on her friends' couches instead of going to hostels when she went to new places.
She is not really worrying about her future life. She said she could always find a job if she want to.
Here is the article about her on VICE:
2015-7-22 -04:00
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