Floating in a tropical river, Day 6 of 6: It rains finally.

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

(The beach we camped last night)

Same as previous days, in the morning it's cloudy and foggy.  But they stay this time.  The sun does not seem to come out.  

When we start the floating, it starts to rain.  Yeah!  It has been so much UV these days, good to have some rain, finally!

We come to another canyon.  The low cloud stays half way on the mountains.  This brings some romantic feeling.

Then we see some more boats coming and going.  Then we see some boats mooring by the beach.  Yes, we are back to civilization again. 

At 11am, we arrive at our destination, a town called Rurrenabaque.  On the other side of river is a construction site.  In the future there will be a bridge connecting both shores.  For now, vehicles have to cross the river by ferries.

We take the sacks to the roadside.  Ruben breaks the raft down.  The bamboo sticks go away down the river, the tubes are kept.  Ruben will take them with him and go back to Guanai by bus.  He's going to reuse them for the next trip.

The 5-day floating comes to an end.  The arrival time is 7 hours before the schedule.  There is a reason.  During the past 5 days, Ruben has skipped quite a few walking activities in the itinerary, including a night walk in the jungle.  To be honest, those walks are the selling point that attracted me to sign up for this trip.  Although this trip has been a great one, I'm still disappointed somehow for not having those walks.

For 5 days, the beautiful jungle sceneries have been staying with me, to the point that I get used to them, to the point that they reach the deepest part of my brain, and my heart.  I'll be able to remember these sceneries, probably longer than the mosquito bites on my hands and bum.


2015-10-16 -04:00
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