I really miss Victoria

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

I didn’t realize how beautiful BC is until I moved to Ontario. I experienced my first Ontario snow-day two days ago, when it was only October. To be honest, I did not enjoy it. It was pretty and impressive at first, when the walkways on my campus got covered with fancy white snow. However, when it turned into this slippery, icy, brown, and nasty thing, and when the snowing became hailing that felt like swords on my face, I wanted to leave Canada and never come back.

Fall is such gorgeous season but it goes away so fast in Ontario. Back in Victoria, BC, now it’s still just a bit chillily. The trees are still green. Maybe there will be a few rainy days, but the people can still go out without much troubles. Some people say there is no winter in Victoria. Although I think there is winter in Victoria, but it never gets too cold. In fact, the weather in Victoria never gets too extreme. In the summer, when the sun comes up, it’s sunny and warm, but never too hot that make people just want to peel their skin off.

In Victoria, I can take a run outside almost any time of the year, if I don’t mind getting soaked in the rain. There are so many routes that I can take to run. No matter which route I choose, there always going to be really nice views. I can run near the water front; I can run on the hills; I can run into the forest; I can run on a grass field. After I left Victoria, the only place I can have a good run is on the treadmill inside a gym.

I used to think Victoria is a really small city, there weren’t a lot of tall building. Not until I moved to an even smaller city, I realized that the size of Victoria is just perfect. It’s not a crowded huge city, yet people can still get to other places conveniently by public transit. There are modern shopping malls and there are also beautiful nature parks and hiking trails. It might not be the most exciting city, but I could always find something to do. Whether is going for an adventure in the city, or shopping in the mall, I could always have some fun in Victoria.

Victoria is not only rich in culture, but also rich in nature. It’s truly a beautiful city where people can both find peace and live an exciting life. 


2016-10-29 -04:00
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