Congratulation America!

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Congratulation America!


To be honest I did not think Donald Trump would really win the election in the past week. The main stream liberal media had persuaded me that Americans will not vote for a “sexist, racist and fascist orange child”. Well, the result just prove that western liberal media is hardly ever true. Trump was right, don’t trust the media.


I don’t really care whether Clinton or Trump win. It’s none of my business. But if I were an American, I would vote for Trump. I consider myself as a conservative person, at least in issues like immigration and weed legalization. Moreover, I would just never vote for someone like Hillary. Just to be clear, I am a women and a minority, and I think Hillary would not do anything good for those group of people in America.


Donald Trump is an interesting guy. Lots of people dislike and hate him, but meanwhile lots of people love him. For myself, I don’t agree with some of the things he said, but I agree with his general policy platform. I like the persona he has for the election. I am so tired of political correctness, and here it is, this dude who just doesn’t care about that. I believe a lot of voters would find it appealing to have someone who actually speak his mind.


But Donald Trump is a smart business person. I doubt he was doing all these things just because he wasn’t thinking through his head. That was his strategy. He knew that most of the conservative, the “white votes” are tired of Republican politicians trying to follow the liberal rules. He knew that in order to differentiate himself from the rest of the candidates, he has to draw some controversy over himself. He established this ethos that make him unique. However, I don’t think he will be as vicious now he is elected. To be honest, he seemed to be a normal politician at his speech.   


People in Canada and big US cities can’t seem to understand why would anyone vote for Trump. That’s because they do not know how people are living in the less develop states and how the life it is for those lower working class people. I can’t really say anything because I never live in these places either, but I can see that those people’s voices are not heard well.


Van Jones from CNN called this election a “white-lash”. I feel it’s funny but sad. America, was mostly built by white Europeans, and maybe black people who was brought there by slavery. But US had fail these people in the past. Instead of investing on these people that were already in the country, they kept bringing in new immigrates. Immigration are good, when those immigrants are integrating to American society, and assimilated to American culture. But when new people are being brought in at a rapid rate and from different culture background, it’s less likely for them to be assimilated. Instead, America was exposed to different values and culture. Ideally, a society would learn the progressive and noble part of a couture. But when immigrants were coming in so fast, it’s easy for a society to just observe everything, good and bad. Too much immigrants is part of the reason why the Democrat can be so powerful today. Most of the time recent immigrants don’t have a deep understanding about American politics. It’s not surprising that now after so many years, finally there is someone that actually address the issues for the “real” Americans, people start to freak out.


A lot of people believe that there will be dramatic changes in America, for the better or the worse. For myself, I am still a bit skeptical about that. After all, Donald Trump is still a politician right? 

2016-11-10 -04:00
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