My point of view as of how to aesthetically appreciate the Nature

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When we are talking about the aesthetic appreciation of Nature, is it possible for us (human being) to put it in such a way that it is merely simply unconditionally a small talk between our hearts and mother Nature?

Science for me in this case , is just a approach that mankind assume it as a right way of dealing with nature, which is not necessary to get involved. Let's leave our nature the way it has been created without any disturbance of human being before the action of appreciation even taking place.

Honestly, I truly believe that our ecosystem , our mother Nature is alive. One can easily imagine that there are still lots of secrets of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms which probably never fathomed by our poor so-called scientific way. The greatness of mother Nature is that she has creasted human being who can understand her as the creator.

Let's put all our our hearts to communicate with her at the right moment right place right time when you believe that Nature is deserved to be appreciated, while the pretty of our mother nature that sparks deep in your peaceful mind.
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2016-12-23 -04:00
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