Once I had a discussion with a young girl. The topic was about beautifulness.

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

I said the Mother Nature is beautiful, but she could not agree.

She said, it's not as beautiful as the products inside the windows at the downtown shopping district.

I said, yes, those are pretty.  But you notice them because they are presented in the very best way to catch your eyes.  You can hardly miss them, because the purpose they are there is to catch your attention.

Instead, the Mother Nature does not compete for your attention.  She keeps her geniune beautifulness away from your busy eyes.  You have to find it, with efforts.  It's somehow hidden.  Even when you are in front of it, you may not notice it.  You need to have that kind of mindset to discover it, before you can expeirence and enjoy it.  That's something that can truly give you joy and peace, much more profound than any industrial products inside a showcase.

The natural beautifulness is not only pleasing your eyes.  It may not be impressive to your eyes though.  However, it reaches you through your whole body.  It goes deeply inside your soul, and stays deeply in your mind.



2016-12-26 -04:00
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