A wedding photographer picks 3 backdrops for your most romantic moments

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So, you and your dearly beloved have plenty of photos at iconic Boston spots like the Charles River Esplanade, Boston Common, and Public Garden. Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your options when it comes to gorgeous city backdrops? Think again.

After marrying a New Englander and moving across the pond from London, photographer Roberto Farren has been capturing Boston and surrounding areas with his lens for the past seven years. He shoots weddings, engagements, architecture, and landscapes. Along the way, he’s developed an eye for selecting off-the-beaten-path locations for romantic photos.

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“Sometimes the best photos are not the big open spaces very typical of Boston,” said Farren. “You can get some great photos tucked into some obscure locations in the city. They are often the ones that give you the best images at the end of the day.”

Ahead, Farren reveals three picturesque locations in Boston that make for romantic photos.

1. Acorn Street, Beacon Hill

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill —Roberto Farren PhotographyThis Beacon Hill side street really captures historic Boston, Farren said.

“You’ve got that typical sort of Boston brick housing, you’ve got the great uneven cobbled street,” Farren said. “The houses are all very well taken care of, you’ve got nice window boxes, the flag hanging down there … It’s got lots of photographic elements tucked into one location.”

2. Dorchester Heights, South Boston

Dorchester Heights, South Boston —Roberto Farren PhotographySometimes spectacular locations come to Farren by way of his subjects, he said. The couple in this photo chose this location, which Farren had not visited before the shoot.

“You come up through the neighborhood, up near the opening at the top there, and see the city in the background,” Farren said. “So, immediately, I knew we could get some great shots with Boston in the background.”

3. Carlton’s Wharf, East Boston

Carlton’s Wharf, East Boston —Roberto Farren PhotographyFarren was looking for a new way to photograph the city, so he decided to explore the edge of the harbor in East Boston.

“It’s full of character,” Farren said about Carlton’s Wharf. “You can almost see the heyday of that part of the city.”

“It’s always nice to have a little bit of foreground,” Farren said. “In that particular image, I’ve got a nice sunset there. It really does pop behind the city.”

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