Have you been wearing your coat wrong?

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A tailored coat is a staple of every winter wardrobe but most women are wearing their favourite outerwear incorrectly, one fashion expert has revealed.

Hannah Almassi, of Who What Wear, said the majority of women fail to remove the loose criss-cross stitching that holds together the vent on the back of the coat.

Fashion faux pas: Most women fail to remove the criss-cross stitching that holds together the vent on the back of a coat, like the one seen left, changing the shape of the garment (picture posed by models) 

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The 'X' stitching, also known as a tailor's tack, is designed to keep the shape of the garment while it is being transported or on display.

But the stitching should be removed once the garment has been bought - and certainly before it is worn for the first time.

The same rule applies for the vents on other tailored pieces, such as pencil skirts and suit jackets.

According to the fashion guru Ms Almassi, failing to remove the stitching changes the shape and fit of the coat.

She explained: 'If you don't, the tailored silhouette doesn't sit right.

'The hem will instead heave and stretch to fit around the body, rather than just skimming in the most flattering way.'

And while many might believe the stitching that keeps pockets closed should be left in place to keep the garment's shape, Ms Almassi said it should also be removed.

'These are not permanent, and they will stop you from looking ultra-slick,' she wrote.

'Also, a little extra give here and there is always welcome, especially in snug trousers or skirts.'

Blogger I Am Alpha M suggests the rules might be slightly different when it comes to men's tailoring.

In a video posted online, he discussed the stitching used to keep the shape in men's suit jackets.

He explained that while the top pocket can be undone to make room for a pocket square, the stitching should be left in place on the lower pockets.

He said: 'It prevents me from sticking things in the pockets. One thing a lot of people do is they'll stick cell phones and keys in the outside of their jacket.

'That jacket then gets bulky and won't fit or lie as well as if you didn't have anything in those pockets.'

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