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"Forest covering the army, the forest of the enemy" is a sentence that fully reflects the importance of forests during the war against France, against the American. In that historical period, the mountains and forests were the places where the Communist Party and our troops had their command and training bases, as well as the secret way of transporting food, medicine and ammunition to the front. Minh Dam is also a revolutionary base of Long Dien District Party Committee and Ba Ria Party Committee. At that time, and now leave the historical traces of the glorious times. Minh Dam Base is a mountain range about 9km long, the highest peak reaches 355m, this mountain system is located in many communes including Tam Phuoc, Phuoc Hung, Long Hai (Long Dien District), Phuoc Hai , Long My (Dat Do district). With a rugged terrain, many caves, jungles and wild mountains, three sides are bordering the sea, the point chosen to lay the revolutionary base in the long battle period. Before bearing the name of legendary Minh Dam, this thick mountain is named Thuy Van by clouds rattling around the mountain, another name is Chau Long Mountain - Chau Vien, in the name of two famous temples. Build here Minh Dam was named to this mountain range in 1948, with a deep meaning. On November 17, 1948, on the way to the base on the mountain, Secretary Bui Cong Minh, Deputy Secretary of Mac Thanh Dam of Long Dien district was killed by the enemy at Phuoc Trien pagoda. People, people grafted their names to name the mountains as well as the revolutionary base.

Approximately 6km from Long Hai town, 30km from Vung Tau city Vietnam, during the weekend with friends to ride or catch the car to Minh Dam, to the historical mark of a period of glorious people. The family, as well as the wild beauty, the fresh air is unique. Through the massive gate of the three-way gate, the asphalt road between the open mountain forest leads to the areas in the base. The first is Da Chay, with a series of groceries, which are stationed at the District Party Committee, Huyen Co hang, B2 cave, Quan yan cave, Quan Quan cave, Tuan grotto. The army, the army, the military of the Central ... Other departments located in the area of ​​Vienna, Da Jang as Security Department, military medical departments and local revolutionary force board. These areas in the mountainous terrain, wandering, lurking, lying hidden behind the trees, or deep underground to understand the difficulties of the old soldiers. With its historical value, the Minh Dam base was recognized as a national historical monument in 1993, a tourist attraction, looking for an interesting source of meaning.

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