This sounds very bold!

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

How neural systems work is still a big mystery to humans.  Not necessarily about human brains, but even of some very "simple" beings, the way how they control their bodies is unbelievably sophisticated.  

I watched an IMAX movie about flying.  Some small insects, for example, the flies, are able to fly in the most technical and difficult way. (Do you think you can hit a fly with your hands? :) )  Fanning its wings is already a difficult skill--think about the aspects like the frequency of the fanning, the super low noise, and the super high energy efficiency.  And all these things don't even need a brain--afterall, a fly doesn't have a brain, does it?

Really look forward to the progress of the DARPA project!  

Thanks for sharing the news. :)

2017-12-8 -04:00
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