Hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail, Chin Beach to Sombrio Beach

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

1, Chin Beach

2, The wave is good for surfers.

3, Artists had been here...

4, How big am I!

5, For those who learn Kong Fu, standing tall like trees is a basic requirement.  Maybe like what you see here?

6, A slug is enjoying his meal, a mushroom.

7, A giant hollow tree!

8, Looking up inside the hollow tree!

9, Looking up inside another hollow tree!

10, Olympic National Park is on the other side of the strait.

11, The beautiful Vancouver Island.

12, I like the color of the water!  This is looking down from the trail.

Not too far from the place I took this last picture, we saw two young men in the cove.  One of them is topless, with blood stain all around his body.  That guy fell from the cliff and badly injured himself:  I saw blood on his hair, obviously he hit his head; There were abrasions everywhere; and the worst thing was, he cut his waist and it was bleeding like a tap!

The weird thing was that, the guy appeared have no knowledge of his injury.  He had a strange facial expression, and talked in a very calm way.

Then we got to know that he took magic mushroom about 6 hours ago.  When he was high, they went walking on the trail, which was quite a hard one.  Obviously he was not able to control his own moves, probably he wanted to fly down the cliff.  What can you imagine when someone is drugged high and is in the wild?

There was no cellphone coverage in that area, not even for 911 calls.  I tried different nearby locations but could not make an emergency call.

I took the GPS coordinate and asked two hikers to provide it to 911 when they find a place with cellphone coverage.

D'arcy and Mette kept hiking to the trailhead, hoping to find the park ranger.

Me and the other two hikers stayed with these two guys.

The not-too-bad part was that since the guy was still high, he didn't feel any pain at all!  He didn't even realize that he injured himself!  Then we decided to walk him back to the campsite.  His friend kept pressing on his waist wound to reduce the bleeding, and we slowly moved.

When we eventually arrived at the campsite, he was placed in a lying down position.  His friends stayed together with him.  

Our hiking group continued to get to the parking lot.  D'arcy found the park ranger, who had to drive to Port Renfrew to make a 911 call.  We told him the new location of that poor guy.

On our way back, just a couple minutes away from the parking lot, we saw an ambulance coming in.  We all felt relief.





2014-9-22 -04:00
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